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Introduction to
Kaohsiung Chamber of Industry


ˇ@ˇ@ Advance economic development
ˇ@ˇ@ Increase mutual benefits
ˇ@ Promote modern technology
ˇ@ˇ@ Coordinate industrial relationship


Kaohsiung Chamber of Industry (KCI) is a Non-Profit Organization since 1975. Itˇ¦s KCIˇ¦s objective to serve and play a role of median between our members (enterprises) and authorities. More than half of Kaohsiung industrial enterprises are KCIˇ¦s long-term members. We have been successfully created business opportunities and fought for memberˇ¦s rights throughout the years. In the years to come, we will not only dedicate more efforts and enthusiasms toward international affairs, but also create more business opportunities and technologies exchange for our members.



FREE Service for the member
Provide consultations for latest operation of industrial and commercial law and decrees.
Provide assistance for applying predominant industries and projects, which subsidized by government.
Provide assistance for applying various governmental benefits and hiring information, which subsidized by government.
Issue certificates for bid, property, machinery, facility and made of origin.
Publish latest important industrial information.
Provide assistances for labor disputes and safety information of factory environment.
Provide assistances for labor right and health insurance.
Provide legal aids assistances for manufacturers and enterprises.
Provide digital copies after seminars and workshops.
Memberˇ¦s consultations for finance and tax policy.
Promote memberˇ¦s products and operational achievements.
Held important industrial polices hearing.
Chamberˇ¦s Development and Objective
Establish outstanding legitimate companies or factories to be a member.
Participate in foreign investment projects held by central or regional authorities.
Develop external digital contents platform service.
Recommend outstanding members for various government awards.
Develop industrial upgrading through interaction with academic communities.
Provide assistances for the development of small intermediate enterprises.
Provide government with consulted suggestion of correction of inappropriate or outdated laws and regulations.
Create business opportunities and build relationship with international groups for members.
Build interactive channels for government and enterprises.
Enhance various benefits for memberˇ¦s representatives.
Held domestic and oversea tour for industrial technology.
Participate in public welfare projects held by regional authorities
2004 Execute Special Government Project
Small intermediate enterprises service project ˇV Kaohsiung city
Enterprise career training net work southern division project
Human Resource Development (HRD) project ˇV Enterprises upgrading project
Human resource exhibition ˇV Kaohsiung city

Human resource exhibition ˇV Southern division

Aborigine employment project ˇV Southern division

Trade and rescue affair unit ˇV Enterprises project
Long term job and pre-job training program
Career training centers evaluation project

Future prospects of Kaohsiung industries

We will,
Focus the competitiveness on science, innovation, efficiency, flexibility, quality, technology, service, global marketing.
Focus on ecological environments and the quality of life
Develop global operational research center by integrate human resources, funds, lands, power resources and markets.
Concentrate on the orientations of intellectual and technology upgrading.

Focus on the competitiveness of service industries.

From sea, we built Kaohsiung.
In the winters of some five hundred years ago, the Han people lived by fishing for mullet. They finally came to Takau (the original name of Kaohsiung, meaning bamboo) in which the aboriginal people of Makattao had settled for twenty centuries. In the 17th century, the Dutch sailors arrive in this small finishing village and built it up as a trading station. In 1684, the Ching Dynasty took Taiwan as part of its territory. Later, Takau was formally opened for international trade in 1863, thus also opening up cultural exchanges.
During the Japanese Occupation Era (1897-1945), Takau had been changed into Takao(i.e. Kaohsiung, in Chinese). The city is located on the south-western coast of Taiwan, facing the Taiwan Strait to the west and BashiStrait to the south. The Japanese regarded it as the best stronghold for their progress toward conquering South Asia and proceeded with a series of projects including building up the harbor and the city. Thus a little fishing port turned into an internationally known harbor and the second largest city in Taiwan. Its sunny southern climate attracts tourists from all over the world.


Profile of Kaohsiung City

Location: 120˘XE, 22˘XN
Population: 1,509,350 931 (31 December, 2003)
Area: 153.6 square kilometers
Population density: 9,824 per square kilometer
Languages: The official language is Mandarin Chinese; Taiwanese, Hakka and English are also spoken, as are various aborigine languages.
Number of Administrative Divisions: 11
Average Temperature: 24.7 degree Centigrade
Average Annual Rainfall: 1784.9mm
Annual Sunshine Hours: 2,139 hrs approx.

Members in KCI with higher Turnover

Factory / Enterprise
Steel China Steel Co., Ltd.
Tang Eng Iron Work Co., Ltd.
Sheng Yu Steel Co., Ltd.Kao Hsing Chang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.
Tung Ho Steel Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Petroleum Chinese Petroleum Co. - Kaohsiung Refinery
Chinese Petroleum Co. - Da-Lin Refinery
Petrochemistry Formosa Plastics Co., Ltd.
Nan Ya Plastics Co., Ltd.
China Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
Taita Chemical Co., Ltd.
Taiwan Chlorine Industry Co., Ltd.
Shipbuilding China Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
Qing Fu Feng Kuo Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
Jong Shyn Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
Power Taiwan Power Company - Da-Lin Factory
Taiwan Power Company - Southern Factory
Machinery China Steel Machinery Co., Ltd.
Mobile Kwang Yang Motor Co., Ltd.
Kao Du Motor Co., Ltd.
Kaohsiung Automobile Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Electric Material Eternal Chemical Co., Ltd.
Lee Chang Rong Science & technology Co., Ltd.
Electric Component Sunon Wealth Electrical Machinery Industry
Thinking Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd.
Mektec Co., Ltd.Task Technology Co., Ltd.
Shing Yih Technology Co., Ltd.
Cement Southeast Cement Co., Ltd.
China Hi-Ment Co., Ltd.
Young Ching Industry Co., Ltd.
Paint Yun Chi Plastic Fabrication Co., Ltd.
Berlin Co., Ltd.
Tang Eng Paint Co., Ltd.
High Shine Paint Co., Ltd.
Food Taiwan Sugar Co., Ltd.
Shin Ho Sing Ocean Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Chia Jei Technology Business Co., Ltd.
Hardware China Steel Aluminum Co., Ltd.
Hua Eng Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.
Advanced International Multitech Co., Ltd.
Shi-Ho Screw industrial Co., Ltd.
Juei Hsing Hwa Industry Co., Ltd.
Everstrong Iron&Steel Fory&MFG. Co., Ltd.
Injex Industry Co., Ltd.
Construction China Steel Structure Co., Ltd.
Lumax International Co.,Ltd.
China Ecotek Co., Ltd.
Cogent Systems Co., Ltd.
Su Pin Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Civil Hsin Kao Gas Co., Ltd.
Lim Shang Hang Temper-Safe Glass factory
Safeway gas Co., Ltd.
TelˇG 07-2418017
FaxˇG 07-2820370
AddressˇG 9F-2, NO.145, Datoung 2nd Rd, Kaohsiung City 801, TAIWAN, R.O.C
LandmarkˇG The intersection of Datoung Rd and Hedung Rd
  Next to Kaohsiung District Court
  Behind Ambassador Hotel
TransportationˇG BY bus No1,2,56 to the Bank of Taiwan on Chung Cheng 4th Rd,then walk three minutes.
  Kaohsiung Rapid Transit CorporationˇBOrange LineˇBThe exit B of Kaohsiung City Council, then walk six minutes.
WebsiteˇG www.factory.org.tw
E-mailˇG industry@ksts.seed.net.tw